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Fashion Backpacks – Go in Style

Go In Style!

Gone are the prim and proper hand bag days of our mothers and grandmothers. With the modern lifestyle of today where comfort plays such a big role accessories have changed and consumer expectations have gone sky high. Add to this the travel habits of people all over the world, and it’s not surprising that the backpack with its humble beginnings has evolved into a fashion item. And the quest for fashion backpacks is ever growing.
Backpacks are no longer associated only with traveling. They have become part of everyday life and it’s easy to understand why – the backpack just is a bit different from the typical handbag, mainly because of the extra space it offers. If you’re planning an evening out after work, what is more convenient than having your backpack to carry the things that you’re going to need later – no handbag can match this ability of holding everything.
The term ‘fashion back pack’ does not necessarily mean fashion in the sense of being dressed up smartly for some fancy occasion. And a fashion backpack also need not carry the most expensive brand label from the fashion world which the normal person can’t afford even to dream of. A fashion backpack could simply be a nice and modern looking backpack which fulfills the needs of its user.
Fashion backpacks could include anything from laptop backpacks, travel backpacks, kids’ backpacks through to sport backpacks, as long as they are manufactured according to the latest trends and functionality for the category in which they are used. As with the clothing industry, the backpack industry also has names that standout – companies who invest a lot of time and money to stay on the forefront and make sure that there is always the latest in fashion backpacks available.
Caribee is one of Australia’s leading and most well known brands. The company develops equipment for the outdoors and urban life and they are committed to offering the latest in design and quality. With international trends always in mind they provide unparalleled products, quality and value for money. In the company’s own words: ‘Whether a simple day pack or a technical travel pack, everything branded Caribee is absolute.’
Delsey used its past experience in producing camera and record player cases to become a specialist in producing travel items in molded plastic. Through the years they have been one of the leaders in developing light weight luggage and their first revolutionary rigid suitcase on wheels was produced in 1972 and in 1999 the wheels pack system stopping wheels scraping against the back of the case was patented. Delsey wheels are made to carry full luggage over 30 kilometers of abrasive surfaces and obstacles. The components and raw materials which the company uses are subjected to extreme corrosive and weather conditions and fabrics have to pass a tear resistance test too.
Samsonite   was born in 1910 when the brothers Shwayder started manufacturing robust wooden trunks. In 1955 Samsonite brought out the world’s first lightweight suitcase, the Ultralite. The first suitcase on wheels was a true revolution and the four-wheel Spinner in 2004 made travelling even more comfortable and convenient.
Say ‘Swiss army knife’ and everybody knows what you’re talking about. Wenger prides itself in the quality and craftsmanship of its travel bags. So much so that the bags come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Remember though, no company guarantees its products against accidental damage or unreasonable or improper handling or damage caused by a common carrier. If a common carrier damages your product, contact them immediately to file a claim.
Lands’ End was founded in 1963 and today they are the proud member of Sears Holdings Corporation, one of the largest broad line retailers in the US. Lands’ End stands by the principles of customer service, real value, quality and integrity. They are always trying to improve their products and price them fairly and honestly.
Another trusted name that cannot be ignored is Jansport, who is known around the globe for the big variety of products that they offer. With flexibility in mind they create products suitable for just about any and every need.